Dell is one of the largest and most experienced laptop manufacturers in the world, and for good reason. The company offers a wide range of Windows laptops and desktop PCs for every possible use case, budget, and demographic. Deciding to purchase a Dell is an easy choice — after all, […]

Generative AI refers to deep-learning models that can take raw data—say, all of Wikipedia or the collected works of Rembrandt—and “learn” to generate statistically probable outputs when prompted. At a high level, generative models encode a simplified representation of their training data and draw from it to create a new […]

The Gist Sustainable shift. Embracing sustainable website design is crucial to reduce environmental impact and web bloat. Culture change. The tech industry’s culture of waste must evolve to prioritize environmental sustainability. Inclusive thinking. Designing for accessibility and performance can lead to more sustainable and effective web solutions. Web design has […]

ROLLER, the ticketing, CRM and POS specialist, has recently shared insights into face-to-face marketing, explaining what it means and how attractions can benefit from it, and sharing some top tips on how operators can use it to boost their attraction value. “In an era dominated by digital marketing, it can be hard […]