Targets upgraded training, higher pay for TAs ‘It’s the most impressive union budget report that I have seen.’   — Paul SchlichtmanThe Arlington Education Association — the local teachers’ union – wants more than $1 million in improvements made at Arlington Public Schools in 2023-2024, the School Committee learned Thursday, Dec. […]

As the custodian of Windows OS, Microsoft is largely expected to deliver the best Windows software features with its laptops. The company has worked to do just that with its Surface Pro lineup, and this year, Microsoft has pushed the experience even further. One of the best products in the […]

What is BIOS? BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System and was developed by Gary Kildall, a computer scientist who is renowned for creating the CP/M programming language. It was in the CP/M version 1.1 for Lawrence Livermore Laboratories when the first mention of BIOS was seen. A BIOS provides […]

Asus just launched its latest flagship business laptop, the ExpertBook B9, which it claims is the lightest of its kind at just 1.94 pounds. Designed specifically for on-the-go executives and professionals needing a lightweight laptop that doesn’t sacrifice power, endurance, durability, and sustainability, the ExpertBook B9 seems to be Asus’ […]