Xtra-PC Reviews – Is It A Scam Or Legit? Mut Read Before You Buy!

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a new computer; keep your money! Breathe new life into your old computer!

Computers are the most significant innovation of this century. Not only does it make our lives easier, but it also lets us stay connected to our loved ones. And there is no need to handle bulky paperwork at the office anymore. Everything is computerized! That is why every household and office in this world has at least one computer. And without one, surviving in this fast-paced world will be next to impossible. 

Not only do we use these computers for our daily school or office work, but the next important part it plays is also giving us entertainment. Social media, movies, music, etc., are only a few clicks away! But do they work just the same way that they always did? Are all your files and folders open in the blink of an eye? Do internet browsers load as fast as they used to? Or are you sitting in front of the computer and waiting without being able to scroll down on this article because the PC has frozen? 

After using our laptops and desktops for a few years – or even months, we can’t really say – no matter how much they claim to run smoothly, these computers will start to slow down. We all know the drill. We will switch on our computers and go on with our daily chores. After about 10 minutes or so, they will start up. And the same goes for when you try to get some work done. 

And from there onwards, we will have to go through the pain of waiting for the files to load, open, etc. Honestly, this is the most irritating thing about modern computers. They lose their abilities over time. 

And once they started to slow down, we would have to spend a few hundred dollars and repair whatever it is wrong with the computer. Or if the case is lost, you may even have to go over your budget and buy a new one. Losing all the precious data stored in these computers is often another bonus that tags along. 

Seeing this problem everywhere in this world, we decided to find if there is a solution for this. We researched and tried so many different methods put forth by many people all around the world. But the final realization we made was that the operating system running on the computer is too heavy for our computers to handle. 

The operating system is the one that acts as the mediator between the hardware and software. It literally connects us with the software so that we can get our work done. But, with all the operating system updates we receive at least once a week, it is understandable that these systems get heavy day by day. And Random Access Memory, AKA RAM, couldn’t handle these heavy Operating systems. It will slow the RAM and make you sit and wait for ages until the computer starts up or loads the file you just double-clicked. 

But after hours of digging, we found a perfect solution. It is a USB device called Xtra-PC, and as soon as you connect this pen drive to your PC, it will start working and increase the pace of the computer. And within a few minutes, you will have a lightning-speed computer at your disposal. 

A revolutionary USB device called Xtra-PC® makes your slow or dead computer brand new quickly and easily.

Welcome to our Xtra PC reviews! When your desktop computer is running too slow to perform your tasks, the best option you got in hand is to turn to Xtra-PC. Slowness is one of the most annoying problems anyone can experience with a desktop computer. Even the most dedicated homebound workforce will be frustrated by a slow desktop, especially given the work-from-home trend sparked by the current epidemic.

But are there any alternatives to destroying your current deck and buying a brand-new one that can help you solve the problem?

In today’s review, it is what we hope to learn. We’ll look at how a tiny device called Xtra PC USB, which is essentially a USB dongle, might be able to alleviate your desktop lag issues and help assure better and more effective performance for your computer. 

But before continuing on with the Extra-PC reviews we found, let’s check out the overview of this article. This way, you know exactly what you will learn from reading this review document. And we urge our readers to stay with us to the very end of this review. There is a ton of new and vital information in this document that you will thank one day that you read. 

●    What Leads to Computer Slowness?

●    What is Xtra PC?

●    How does extra PC works?

●    What does Extra pc do?

●    Benefits and advantages of using Xtra PC

●    In which instances can you use Xtra PC?

●    Does Xtra pc work?

●    Where to buy Xtra Pc advanced solution small device? –  Xtra PC review

●    Price and discounts

●    Pros and cons of Xtra PC

●    Final verdict – Xtra PC pro reviews

So what are you still waiting for? Read the article till the end and let us know whether this option is viable for you or not. But we can guarantee that many of you will be benefited from this small device that will make your PCs run faster and smoother, even better than a brand-new desktop. 

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What Leads To Computer Slowness?

The first question in our Xtra PC reviews is what slows down your computer.

There could be several reasons why your computer is running slowly. Because of its age or the factory-installed processor, especially if it is a PC running Windows rather than Mac OS. In actuality, there are a variety of causes for why your computer isn’t operating as quickly as it should.

It is crucial that you let go of the old CRTs by now and start using the new and most advanced versions of the computers. This way, the connections and the technology will always be aligned with the computer’s version making the computer run smoothly. 

Other than the hardware, the most concerning cause that slows down a PC is the Operating system. As I explained before when the Operating System is too heavy, the RAM won’t be able to handle it with the background apps and other files opened in the computer. This will once again slow the computer down. And old versions, without the new bug fixes, will also slow the process. 

MAC and Windows are considerably heavier than other operating systems, such as Linux. And that is why Extra Pc employs this to fasten the computers. Linux is one of the lightest systems you can work with. Even though you have never used this system before in your life, once it is installed, you will see that it is smoother and easier to use than the regular Mac or Windows OS. 

Because you still don’t know what Extra PC is, let’s move on to the next segment of this review document. Once you learn how the Extra Pc works, you will quickly understand what is wrong with your computer. 

But, we must bring one thing to your concern. That is, many different scams on the Internet appear as Extra PC and cons people into buying a worthless device that doesn’t work at all. Therefore, buying this device straight away from the manufacturer’s official site will save you from these scams and a couple more dollars. 

What Is Xtra PC?

Xtra PC
Xtra PC

Now, reading this chapter thoroughly is vital. We always encourage our readers to read about any product before they step on and press the “buy” button. So, the question we answer here is, what is Extra PC?

A product called Xtra-PC is designed to improve your computer’s performance and speed. It is a USB pen drive that has the ability to quickly bypass your computer’s current operating system and power it back up with a Linux-powered system. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of computer you are using or what operating system is already running on the PC. Despite whether it is a desktop or a laptop or Windows or Mac, the USB stick will still work wonders in smoothing out the creases in the computer. And after a few minutes of plugging in the stick, you will have a fast computer that requires you to wait no more than a fraction of a second to load the files. 

And are you worried about not having much knowledge about computers and technology? Using this stick only requires basic knowledge, and after an initial couple of steps, the stick will work on its own and pass the computer to its maximum capacity. 

You can choose from three different packages, depending on how fast you want your computer to work. They are all readily available. Both desktop and laptop PCs are compatible with the gadget as long as they have a USB port. When you connect the USB port for the first time, all that is required is an internet connection. You will not need an internet connection later to use the product. You can edit documents, watch videos, and do other tasks on your computer.

Xtra-PC promises a brand new or nearly new computer for just €36.46 or $36.19 (the smallest version of Xtra Pcr. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, even though it looks too good to be true, I thought we might as well try it. The Xtra PC Pro we ordered arrived relatively quickly after that.

The largest model in terms of size and capacity is the Xtra-PC Pro. You can also get Xtra-PC in the minor Turbo 16 or Turbo 32 variants, both of which are the size of compact flash. Whichever model you choose, you are effectively getting a portable computer.

The Xtra PC USB stick is best characterized as a third-party efficiency solution in this Xtra PC review. To improve the operation of your PC and thus increase its performance, you only need to connect a USB port.

Both installing and using this dongle-like device for the first time on desktop and laptop computers require an active internet connection. However, Xtra-PC can be used without a network connection once installed on a user’s computer.

The developers currently offer four service packages depending on how quickly and effectively users want their PCs to run. With Xtra-PC, customers can work on their documents, access social media and even stream videos much faster than before, whatever their choice.


How Does Extra PC Work?

Knowing how a particular product works not only gives you an insight into the product but will guarantee its legitimacy as well. And that is why it is equally important that you first understand how a product works before purchasing it. 

Your internet service provider (ISP) determines the maximum speed of your Internet. Most companies have a cap, and your data will slow down when you hit that cap. Where you live, what kind of Internet you have, and even where you set up the wireless network in your home can affect how fast things move. 

Linux is often made available to consumers by service providers in regions with very sluggish internet connections. You must insert the disc that usually contains this operating system into your computer. You can access the same operating system with Xtra-PC, as many modern PCs don’t have a disk drive.

Xtra-PC gives you access to the operating system and the necessary support.

Less computer-savvy individuals could find it challenging to understand how to install and use the system manually. But when installing the product for the first time using Xtra PC and whenever you need to use it in the future, you can get assistance thanks to the support provided by the product’s creators. It comes with a USB drive that offers additional storage. Which USB drive you purchase will determine how much capacity is provided.

All you should do is plug in the USB stick to the port in your computer, and the stick will restart the PC and bypass the current Operating system to a Linux-based software. And once the first pop-up message opens up on your computer, you must click on “boot.” Within 15 minute’s time, the pen drive will install and download all the necessary applications from the Internet. So make sure you have an active internet connection -fast one preferably –  at the moment you are first connecting this. 

All the applications will be downloaded to the USB stick and will not use up any of your Hard disk space. Moreover, doing this will not harm or delete any of the files you had saved on the computer before. You can still access all your files even after booting up the PC with Extra PC. The only difference is that accessing these files will not take more than a fraction of a second anymore. 

Therefore, the longer times you spend in front of your old and sluggish computer, waiting for the files to load, will no longer be required. 

Is that not what we all want? Having a fast computer gets us daily work done. Having a faster and smoother computer is essential in a world where working from home is trending due to the recent virus breakout. If not, it will take us a few hours to do the 10 minutes of work and will give us a headache just trying to finish our office work. Not to mention all the trouble you will face when you aren’t able to finish and submit the daily work assigned by the office on time. 

So, Do You Need To Be Some Computer Genius To Use This Thing? – What Does Extra Pc Do?

The operating system supplied with Xtra-PC is based on Linux. This operating system bypasses the old system on your computer. You can still access all your files, and the design on your PC will be left alone.

When you remove the Xtra PC Flash Drive, your computer immediately resumes its previous operating state (or malfunction). Even computers with a damaged or missing hard drive can use Xtra-PC.

If you are used to working with Windows, you will already be familiar with the Xtra PC operating system. With Xtra-PC, you can play games, watch videos, download files and surf the Internet.

Even an integrated web browser, open office software, email client, DVD player, audio player, file manager and photo viewer are included in the operating system. In addition, you can use it to connect to Wi-Fi, your printer and your monitor.

Different models have different storage capacities. The storage options for the Turbo 16 and Turbo 32 are 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, respectively.

So as you can comprehend, you don’t have to have some genius power to use Xtra PC. All you will be needed to do is boot the computer with the USB stick and say yes to everything that pops up on the screen. The applications will be automatically downloaded to the pen drive after that, and your computer will be smooth from here on afterwards. 

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Benefits And Advantages Of Using Xtra PC

The benefits and advantages of using a particular product reveal a lot about the potential of the product. If all these benefits are the same as other alternatives on the market, you and I would quickly go for something more effective than this. The benefits a user will be granted should be unique as follows for a person to buy the product and be happy with it. 

Users who install Xtra-PC on desktop or laptop computers can reap various benefits. The results of our Xtra-PC tests are as follows:

Existing files are not affected by the installation.

The possibility that a complete reset or update to a new OS could corrupt or completely erase information and documents is one of the main concerns computer users have when their machines become slow. With Xtra-PC, users don’t have to worry about this and can view or update their files as usual; Because Linux is a virtual virus- and malware-proof programming language, you don’t need to install antivirus or malware-scanning software on the Xtra-PC;

Numerous functionalities are already included

Similar to the antivirus software mentioned earlier, once you install Xtra-PC, you don’t need to install any other programs to edit your pre-existing files. A browser and POP3 email client [Firefox and its mail equivalent Thunderbird], Open Office for everything from word processing to spreadsheets, a file manager, a photo viewer, and a media player are also installed during the installation process.

But it also gives you the freedom to install your favourite programs if you aren’t happy with any of them;

It can use without being connected to the Internet

While an internet connection is required for installation, once the program is installed and running on the user’s computer, it is not required. After that, everything can be done without a connection; Regardless of the brand or OS, it functions with desktops and laptops.

Mac or PC? Here, it makes no difference. 

Devices manufactured after 2004 using Windows Vista, XP, or Seven perform best with Xtra-PC. If you have a MAC laptop or desktop, it would depend on whether your particular model has a USB port.

Other than these, the Xtra PC gives the following bonuses. 

●    The computer will work at its total capacity and speed

●    Surf the web

●    Share on social media

●    Write emails

●    Watch videos

You might be sitting at the head of a fast computer but don’t know that the computer is fast. So try the Xtra Pc and unveil a faster PC on your computer table.

Are you satisfied with this product already? We can guarantee you are. So what are you still waiting for? Place your orders for Xtra PC by clicking here!. Warning: there are discounts on the official website! 

In Which Instances Can You Use Xtra PC?

The possibilities for Xtra-PC are virtually limitless. The Linux OS, which enables you to do the same functions as any other OS, is one of the product’s key characteristics. It allows you to check your email and send brand-new messages to those on your contact list. You can also perform the following tasks using this OS:

●    Visit some of your favourite websites as you browse the web.

●    Edit and access documents

●    Playing music

●    obtain fresh files

●    watch movies, videos, and television programs

●    Utilize any spreadsheets you require.

You have complete access to applications and software when using Linux. Remember that not all of your files may be accessible at once.

When hooked into your computer, Xtra-PC overwrites the existing OS and may skip over any or all of your files. You might want to run a virus check and speak with your ISP about buying a signal booster if you’re going to speed up your computer while maintaining access to your favourite programs. When you enter your account from any other device, you can use Google Docs and other online apps using the Linux OS that Xtra-PC offers.

Does Xtra Pc Work?

Xtra Pc
Xtra Pc

The Xtra-PC USB stick is the same size as any other USB stick you have used before. Due to its simple design and small size, it is perfect for people constantly on the go. It is convenient to take to work or school and put the stick in your bag or backpack. Even if you’re travelling for work, it fits in a suitcase. You can use the stick anywhere you need it as it is sturdy enough. We accidentally dropped it on the floor and found it wasn’t damaged.

It has a cap on the end, which is a slight drawback. Xtra pc helps prevent dirt and other debris from getting on the stick, but it doesn’t hold as tightly as we would want. The cap may come off when the stick rolls around in a bed. Additionally, one of our team members noted that losing sight of the hat is simple, mainly if you set it down before moving around with your computer.

Particularly when compared to other flash drives, Xtra-PC has a pleasant feel. It can be plugged into your computer with just two fingers and unplugged from the port with the same ease.

This flash drive lacks the built-in keychain or cradle that some flash drives have, making it challenging to keep the stick safe when you’re away from home. Both the quality and durability of the Xtra Build PC exceeded our expectations.

Where To Buy Xtra Pc Advanced Solution Small Device? –  Xtra PC Reviews

We discovered Xtra-PC devices for sale on several websites, including Xtra pc Amazon. However, the majority of reviews published on Amazon are pretty subpar, and many of them concentrate more on the website than the item. We also discovered that Amazon permits independent vendors to post the item for sale. When you purchase from a third-party seller, it’s possible that you could receive a used USB drive that has already been used on another computer or one without the original packing. You can purchase Xtra-PC for a little less than it costs on the official website is the best justification for doing so. We also advise visiting the official Xtra-PC website for the following reasons:

●    Variety of goods

●    decent warranty

●    Quick Shipping

●    Real-time client service

●    Several payment options are accepted

Xtra pc scams are available everywhere. So be aware when you are buying an Xtra pro pc. 

Bulk purchases via the official Xtra-PC website are also eligible for a discount. The first product will cost the total price, but all subsequent items you buy simultaneously will be discounted by 40%. This is a fantastic way to give tech-loving members of your family holiday presents. Additionally, all orders purchased on the official website are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We do not recommend Xtra pc amazon for your most straightforward solution. Purchase from our official website to get the original discounted product.

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Pros And Cons Of Xtra PC


●    Old computers that might otherwise end up in a landfill can be reused.

●    You may easily carry out your preferred Internet and computer activities using the supplied programs.

●    An updated version of the Linux OS is included with all three products.

●    You can choose those devices based on your required speed and additional storage.

●    The USB drive enables you to access your favourite websites, such as Google and Facebook, when linked to the Internet.

●    Leading websites like Yahoo, USA Today, and ABC are just a few that endorse this product.

●    Files you view and use on other computers can be saved to the drive.

●    Any computer’s processing speed can be significantly increased.


●    Setting up the item can take up to an hour.

●    It will likely prevent users from accessing the data on your computer.

●    You can’t use the software and programs your previous operating system supported.

●    The company charges exorbitant delivery costs in several locations.

●    Some consumers waited for weeks and never received instructions on how to use it with a Mac.

Final Verdict – Xtra PC Pro Reviews

A sluggish computer makes using it very aggravating. The system may take several minutes or even longer before you launch a browser or start the software. While your location or ISP may be to blame for the poor speed, it’s also possible that an outdated machine is to blame. Modern PCs and those that run any OS can use the practical Xtra-PC solution. It functions on laptops and desktops and can even run on machines without a hard drive or with little storage. All you should habe is a PC with a USB port and one that satisfies the maker’s system requirements.

You can hardly look at this product without running into some unfavourable reviews. These reviews make it clear that Linux is free from various sources. While that is true, Xtra-PC offers additional support you can get online or over the phone. It allows you to use all your favourite apps and even some of the computer files you have saved. One of the best products available for speeding up older PCs is Xtra-PC.

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