Picking a gift for anyone from any category is generally not an easy feat, and technology is no different. From Samsung to Apple with Google, Amazon, and Sony in between, there has been a barrage of new tech unveiled this year. That coupled with all of the gadgets from years […]

The year is almost done and it’s been a good one for tech (and for everything else, at least compared to the Coronavirus fest that was 2021). So what’s been the very best gadget-wise, this year? I’ve put together a list. Read on for the best phones of 2022, the […]

Amazingly, despite all the supply chain constraints and component shortages, 2022 turned out some truly excellent gadgets. From foldable phones to convention-busting earphones, via home beer dispensers and portable gaming PCs, we have not been short of noteworthy gizmos to play around with over the past 12 months. It’s certainly […]

Some of the best Christmas presents you ever remember were probably surprises. It was something you never asked for — something you didn’t dream of or even know about. Face it: as we get older, those Christmas surprises are harder and harder to come by. That’s why I’ve rounded up […]

The ultimate purpose of technology is to make our lives simpler and easier in unexpected ways. Each year, new and interesting items and gadgets hit the market in order to make everyday tasks easier for consumers. For people who genuinely adore all things tech, every new invention proves to be […]