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SANTA ANA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 30, 2022 / It was pretty normal for the network connection speeds to increase since the mobile gadgets saw a fast development and implementation in daily life. Founder of an innovative media company, GoAds, Nick Kohlschreiber talks about the intense impact of 5G speeds on telecommunications at large, as they’ll encourage innovations in digital content, mass adoption of live-streaming, and a renewed emphasis on downloading. This significant improvement in data transfer rates will change the capabilities and habits of mobile device users for the better on a variety of levels.

The initial transition from 3G to 4G speeds opened up a world of possibilities for smartphone and tablet users, allowing them to stream video, music, and games almost instantaneously – a feat that was once attainable only when a device was connected to wifi. Nick Kohlschreiber points out that while 4G cracked open the door to widespread mobile media streaming, 5G technology entirely removes any obstacles. Forbes contributor Nelson Granados highlights the drastic differences between the two. “Download speeds are bound to increase at least tenfold compared to 4G, and for true 5G standards, it could be up to 100-fold,” Granados writes. “So, if an HD movie takes six minutes to download in a 4G network, with 5G, it could take a handful of seconds.”

The vast improvements in data speeds will result in new developments with regard to premium digital content, ushering in an era of virtual reality sports channels, immersive 4K and 8K video quality delivered without any buffering, and full HD streaming with low latency that eliminates delays – a feature that is ideal for sports and other live events. Nick Kohlschreiber notes that the effects are certain to be seen within the website design realm as well, which encompasses every popular social media platform. The increase in data efficiency will also ensure a more distinct advantage for progressive marketing companies such as Go Ads – it relies on a proprietary technology platform that deploys and automates social media for many Fortune 500 entities, all of which will undoubtedly alter their digital advertising approaches in light of the new speeds.

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California-based, Go Ads is an internet marketing company specializing in the organic proliferation of new businesses through creative marketing solutions. The company was founded by Nick Kohlschreiber, an enthusiast for originality and innovation, who began his career driving traffic for mom and pop shops for their local SEO while leaving school on a soccer scholarship. Kohlschreiber has grown his firm to oversee 800 employees in three different countries and tens of thousands of clients, while seeking to strengthen the connections to the modern communication platforms, including online, multimedia-driven business development.

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