June 1, 2023


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Home Service Direct Helps Company’s Lead Conversion Rate Hit 87% in Less Than a Month

Huntington Beach, California – Yesterday, exactly 25 days since S&K Tree Experts started working with Home Service Direct, the tree care company hit a lead conversion rate of 87%. Charles Winslow, the S&K Tree Experts CEO, noted that this is the first time that his company has seen results like this.

“When S&K Tree Experts hired Home Service Direct last month,” said Charles Winslow, “the booking department was hoping to at least move the conversion rate from 23% to about 45% or 50%. From the look of things, Home Service Direct is offering maximum benefits. Only directing high-quality leads to S&K Tree Experts, the marketing agency has pushed the conversion rate through the roof – towards the end of October, the booking department had managed to convert 87 leads out of the 100 tree leads the team had received from Home Service Direct.” 

The S&K Tree Experts CEO noted that before hiring Home Service Direct, his company had already worked with several marketing agencies. Charles Winslow reported that none of the previous agencies had delivered the results that his company was looking for. While the previous marketing agencies did deliver leads, the CEO noted that the leads were mostly low-quality and rarely converted to clients.

To see how Home Service Direct helps tree service companies generate Marketing Qualified Leads, read this story: https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/home-service-direct-lauded-for-delivering-high-quality-tree-removal-leads.

“Home Service Direct seems to have cracked the code in the marketing matrix,” said the S&K Tree Experts CEO. “This is the only explanation the company’s booking department can think of considering the amount of money the marketing agency has helped us make in the last 25 days.” 

“It comes as a surprise to think that for the profit the marketing agency has helped the company make,” added Charles Winslow, “the cost for the marketing services was paid for by a single tree service project. Out of the 87 leads the company has closed, 86 tree service jobs have exclusively counted towards the company’s profits.” 

Home Service Direct has reportedly also put a large number of leads in the S&K Tree Experts jobs pipeline. After talking to the S&K Tree Experts CEO, reporters determined that the company already has over $30,000 worth of jobs in its pipeline. With these jobs scheduled to be handled in the next 15 days, S&K Tree Experts will reportedly get more revenue in the next few weeks than it earned in the first half of 2021. 

“A carefully planned internet marketing project tends to bring in better results than a lot of tree service companies assume,” said the Home Service Direct CEO during an interview with a group of reporters. “While S&K Tree Experts may have thought that a lead conversion rate of 87% is unrealistic, the company is currently enjoying this conversion rate in less than a month.” 

“This conversion rate, however, did not come about by accident,” added the Home Service Direct CEO. “While it may be only 25 days since the agency started handling the company’s marketing, S&K Tree Experts is taking advantage of the agency’s decades of marketing experience. The agency has experience in search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, lead conversion, retargeting ads, call tracking, and much more.” 

Using its perfectly-optimized internet marketing tools, Home Service Direct reportedly follows all of the S&K Tree Experts potential customers from the point when they express interest in the company’s services to the time when they decide on the team to use for tree removal, tree pruning, tree trimming, or any of the other services offered by the tree care company. 

“When the customer decides to make the call that finally brings a tree care team to his or her landscape,” said the Home Service Direct CEO, “the marketing agency is there to remind him/her that S&K Tree Experts is still the best company.” 

The Home Service Direct base of operation is located at 20122 Bayfront Ln #201, Huntington Beach, CA 92646, United States. The agency, however, can be contacted via +1 714-243-8790 and [email protected]

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