At Estudio34, we have a powerful mix between SEO and PPC, which helps us be more effective at optimizing spending and targeting.

So, start by building a communication plan before creating your next digital strategy. Focus on leveraging some of the learnings from one another.

Step 2: Define The SEO


Before you click out of this article thinking, “not another keyword research guide,” let me tell you something I’ve learned first-hand from working with national news publishers: Keyword research for publishers is entirely different.

The skills, processes, checklists, and tools you currently use won’t be as helpful in this niche.


Want to find high-intent keywords by using proven, effective methods?

Wish you could establish a simple yet powerful keyword strategy to help your target audience find you faster?

You can — especially if you understand your audience deeply and create a solid keyword strategy based on intent.

On November 3,


When it comes to SEO, all things are not created equal.

What defines your business as “enterprise” typically comes down to the size of your organization, your total annual revenue, or the number of pages on your website.

If you’re a large-scale company, traditional tactics and fixes don’t always work


Keyword search volume is one of the most frequently used metrics for keyword research, yet it is highly misunderstood.

This guide will clear up some of the misconceptions about search volume, provide ways to use it correctly, and detail several use cases for SEO.

What is Keyword Search Volume?