Lauren Goode: My recommendation is, I’m going to put you on the spot, Snack.

Michael Calore: OK.

Lauren Goode: Mike is an excellent chef.

Joe Ray: So I hear.

Lauren Goode: He’s really, really good. When I first moved into my current apartment, this was

22 cool kitchen gadgets


There’s an archetype depiction of chefs in TV or movies that’s more idealist than realistic. They’re often slightly disheveled, and like to show up unannounced to a tense dinner table to serve their what seems like spontaneously made, yet amazingly tasty stir-fry. Then, the table quarrel stops, and the


As kitchen technology rapidly evolves, with automated solutions entering the mainstream, remaining at the forefront of restaurant innovation will require more than just individual automated devices. As the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital adoption for businesses and consumers alike, the next level requires business