4 Ways To Leverage Facebook Groups For Business Marketing, According To Social Media Agencies [DesignRush QuickSights]

DesignRush QuickSights: ways to leverage Facebook groups

There are 1.8 billion Facebook group users monthly

The GovLab found out that for 77% of people, the most important groups they are part of now operate online. With 1.8 billion people using Facebook groups monthly, and more than half of which are members of five or more active groups, the social platform offers a wealth of marketing opportunities businesses can explore.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its 16,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on the ways businesses can use Facebook groups for marketing purposes.


As stated by Sandra Caetano, founder of Highway-61, Facebook groups are a great way to improve customer support and keep customers satisfied.

“Research suggests that 93% of customers will make repeated purchases with brands that offer great customer service,” said Caetano. “By developing a dedicated Facebook group for customer inquiries, you can ensure a superior customer experience. Use groups to post frequently asked questions (FAQs) about your products and upload video tutorials to allow easy access to key information. Also, make sure you are responsive and attentively reply to all your group messages, posts, and comments to keep customers satisfied.”


According to Tom Jauncey, head nerd at Nautilus Marketing, businesses should create groups to build a community and keep their followers engaged.

“Facebook groups are a fantastic way to build a community and engagement around your business,” said Jauncey. “By having a community around your business, it allows you to further show the brand as an authority. You can use groups to keep customers informed, network with each other, and build your overall reach.”

Nicole Eaton, paid media strategist at Ragnarok, agrees on this matter and adds that building a community also increases awareness and loyalty.

“Brands have many layers, one of those being brand community,” said Eaton. “Whether you are joining Facebook groups that pertain to your line of business or creating your own, building your community is vital for your brand on both awareness and loyalty levels.”


Pace Media Solutions CEO Ben Precious claims that leveraging Facebook groups are a way to scale your business while maintaining control over your content and engagement.

“Facebook groups are one of the best ways to build a business that serves its audience and customers,” said Precious. “Creating a group on Facebook enables you to have full control over the content you deliver to your audience and how you engage with them. This is powerful for bringing customers closer to your business.”


Alamo City Marketing Solutions Owner Operator Evan Swanson claims that businesses should encourage participation in their Facebook groups to get valuable customer insights.

“A simple way to encourage participation in your Facebook group is to get real customer insight,” said Swanson. “You can successfully create a product or service by just simply asking and not guessing. Your Facebook group or any Facebook group you are part of is your direct line of communication with a specific set of people. I have had personal success with my business using Facebook for marketing purposes. I asked for followers’ opinions, and insight, and also showcased my work and services on multiple Facebook groups.”

DesignRush released the September list of the best social media marketing agencies that help businesses fully harness the power of social media platforms to achieve desired results.

1. Highway 61 – highway-61.ch

Expertise: Social Media Management, Social Media Design, Social Media Advertising, and more

2. C4 Creatives – c4creative.org

Expertise: Social Media Audit, Social Media Management, Content Development, and more

3. Nautilus Marketing – nautilusmarketing.co.uk

Expertise: Content Creation, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Management, and more

4. Pace Social Media – pacemediasolutions.com

Expertise: Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Advertising, and more

5. Alamo City Marketing Solutions – marketingsolutions-tx.com

Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Video Production, Advertising, and more

6. EloQ Communications – eloqasia.com

Expertise: Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing, Market Research, and more

7. Influocial Technologies – influocialdigital.com

Expertise: Social Media Content Creation & Distribution, Instagram Marketing Services, Facebook Marketing Services, and more

8. WebHero Technologies – webhero.com.my

Expertise: Social Media Marketing, PPC Services, SEO, and more

9. Soirëe Entertainment – soiree.it

Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Photography, Graphic Design, and more

10. Werkaholix – werkaholix.com

Expertise: Social Media Management, Content Creation & Sharing, Targeting and Retargeting, and more

11. Ragnarok – ragnaroknyc.com

Expertise: Email Creative Services, Content Writing, Social & Ad Content, and more

12. Grid Communications – gridagencyinc.ca

Expertise: Social Media Strategy, Content Creation, Commercial Photography and Videography, and more

13. Click Leaders – click-leaders.com

Expertise: Online Store Development, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and more

14. Cecchini&Sentieri – cecchinisentieri.com

Expertise: Advertising Graphics, Social Media Marketing, Digital Strategy, and more

15. Web Crew – webcrew.it

Expertise: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Advertising, and more

16. Eco Connection Media – ecoconnectionmedia.it

Expertise: Social Media Management, Content Creation, Influencer Marketing Plans, and more

17. Savvy Creations – savvycreations.com.au

Expertise: Business Consulting, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, and more

18. Missing Link – missinglinksocialmedia.com.au

Expertise: Social Media Strategy, Social Media Content Services, Social Media Advertising, and more

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