March 24, 2023


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7 cool tech gadgets to take with you to the beach

Summer is already upon us, and so is the sweltering heat. So, it’s only natural to see beaches turning into hot spots these days. Surely, none of us would say no to a splash of water to cool ourselves down.

While playing on the beach itself is satisfying, if you’re spending an entire day at the beach, you may want to take some tech gadgets to help you have even more fun throughout the day. We’ve come up with an interesting list of tech gadgets you can carry with you for a day at the beach.

1. SKG Swimming Smartwatch

7 cool tech gadgets to take with you to the beach
Source: SKG/Amazon

The SKG swimming smartwatch is a must-have if you wish to measure your achievements underwater. It is made of plastic to survive water damage and is water-resistant up to 50 meters. The watch can be fully charged in 2 hours and offers an impressive 8-day battery life. 

2. Houl Zalle Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

7 cool tech gadgets to take with you to the beach
Source: Zoul Halle/Amazon

A place with no music is hardly any fun, so to ramp up the entertainment, you can take a waterproof bluetooth speaker to enjoy your favorite tunes. This is a pretty powerful speaker, given the price. With an 80W sound output, 32 hours of playtime, and an IPX7 waterproof rating, the Houl Zalle is an absolute steal available at this price. 

You can submerge this speaker up to 3 feet underwater for about 30 minutes and still enjoy songs. Built with the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, it offers a more stable connection as compared to Bluetooth 4.0.

3. Grayl Water Purifier Bottle

7 cool tech gadgets to take with you to the beach
Source: Grayl/Amazon

You need water on the beach. Drinkable water. So, how about taking a bottle that can also purify water? You’d never have to worry about the scarcity of water again. That’s precisely what the Grayl water purifier bottle offers; it can make water pure and ready for drinking within minutes. 

The Grayl water bottle removes all the pathogens while requiring no setup time. You can effortlessly purify water from any lake, river, or well. It’s equipped with a replaceable purifier cartridge that suffices for 250L of water. 

4. Coleman Portable Cooler

7 cool tech gadgets to take with you to the beach
Source: Coleman/Amazon

If you’ve got a bunch of cold drinks with you, it’s essential to keep them frosty so you can enjoy them to the fullest. A portable cooler can ensure this while you’re busy playing in the waves. The Coleman portable cooler can be dragged along as it stores all those cold beverages and beers, protecting them from the hot sun. 

This Coleman cooler can hold up to 95 cans, so there won’t be any shortage of drinks if you wish to enjoy them in on the sand in the sweltering heat. What’s more, the lid can be used as a seat; it’s sturdy and strong enough to handle a weight of 250 lbs. 

5. ALYHB Foldable Selfie Drone

7 cool tech gadgets to take with you to the beach
Source: ALYHB/Amazon

Any trip or outing nowadays is incomplete without people snapping and posting selfies and other pictures on social media. When it specifically comes to selfies, you can get the ALYHB Foldable Selfie Drone to capture your fun and enjoyable moments from an elevated angle. 

The ALYHB drone is made of plastic and equipped with a 4k lens that gives a commendable output. It’s also very easy to operate, even for beginners who’ve never handled a drone in their lifetime. 

6. BONFOX Portable Shower

7 cool tech gadgets to take with you to the beach
Source: BONFOX/Amazon

When you’ve had all the fun on the beach, it’s necessary to have a shower to clean off all the sand and salt. Instead of waiting to have one after you’re home, the BONOFOX portable shower can help you get a shower on the beach. It’s lightweight and hence a cinch to carry around wherever you go. 

The BONFOX portable shower has a long hose so you can pump the shower bag easily. If you’re taking your dog to the beach, this shower becomes even more crucial to have, making certain your furry friend is all clean and tidy before heading home. 

7. WINLOVE Solar Charger 

7 cool tech gadgets to take with you to the beach
Source: WINLOVE/Amazon

Having phones with a full battery is essential, no matter wherever you go. When it comes to the beach, you can get the WINLOVE solar charger to make sure your phone never gets switched off due to a dead battery. This solar charger supports bi-directional fast charging and provides 18W of power. 

Furthermore, the WINLOVE solar charger uses 4 foldable solar panels that can accumulate all the required power while you’re busy merry-making on the beach. It also boasts an impressive battery capacity of 30000 mAh, which makes it convenient, especially for long journeys. 

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