We live in a time of incredible innovation, major advances in technology, and, of course, some very cool gadgets. From AI smart devices, to genius tools that can be carried on you at all times, all manner of once unthinkable tech is now available to the masses. You can pick […]

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photos: Retailers Whether you are shopping for a self-described nerd or just a casual tech user, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find functional accessories for their new iPhone, gadgets that’ll make their home a little smarter, or streaming devices that can give […]

best-tech-gifts-2022 As you start gathering gift ideas and narrowing down the best choices for your friends and family, you may find yourself completely mystified when it comes to the tech lovers in your life. It seems simple enough to shop for the beauty enthusiasts or chefs in your universe — new […]

Modern smartphones are built to handle heavy tasks. This includes photo and video editing, gaming, shooting a video for a long duration of time in high resolution, using navigation services, and a lot more. While smartphone processors can handle these tasks with ease, the performance may drop as the phone […]

1 – As the Patriots’ new offense continues to evolve and grow under Mac Jones’ leadership, the second-year quarterback clearly thinks an aspect of his successful production in college at Alabama could benefit New England as well: RPOs. Run-pass option plays are essentially built as run plays aside from an […]