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Charnwood, Sept. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Charnwood, England –

Seasoned digital marketer Matt Tarrant has announced the launch of a 20-minute Action Guide video on his YouTube channel that helps businesses get more reviews on their online profiles.

The Action Guide video, which can be viewed at, contains Matt’s thoughts on why internet marketing has become so difficult in recent times, his expert opinion on how businesses can reverse the trend, actionable steps on how to bring about this transformation, the benefits one can expect by following the steps, and finally, two cases studies that serve as proof that Matt’s technique of fixing a business’s online reputation and driving traffic works for certain and delivers stellar results.

Reviews for trust and content

Matt G Tarrant, who is based in London, goes on to explain why digital marketing is harder today than it has ever been by saying, “Internet users are bombarded by ads 24/7 on websites, on streaming sites, and even inside the apps they use on their phones. This level of exposure makes frequent internet users subconsciously ignore the ads and leads to lower clickthrough rates. To fight this and to maintain their profits, ad companies engage in ad display practices that are even more egregious. It is a vicious cycle that has led to a poor user experience and a disdain for advertising that hurts the entire industry and the businesses that rely on ad platforms to bring traffic. Moreover, search engines are also using complicated AI that reads a website’s content and answers their users’ questions directly on the search engine’s website, without the users needing to click on the link to the website where they got the content from. This makes it so much more difficult to get leads, especially when you have already spent a lot of money on content that is being brazenly stolen by search engines. Finally, due to the history of unscrupulous marketers making bolder and bolder claims on the internet with clickbait titles, users nowadays are very skeptical of online content and will disregard new businesses vying for their attention.”

To survive in this cutthroat digital marketing landscape, Matt suggests that businesses should actively request reviews from customers because they are very effective at driving traffic. Moreover, every lead that a business gets from seeing their reviews comes bundled with a little extra trust in their hearts.

There are 5 steps, according to business development expert Matt G Tarrant, that companies need to take to get more reviews. First, one should develop a strategy to get reviews fast on Google to increase traffic and make it easier to convert leads to sales. Second, business owners should train and follow up with their staff on their reputation strategy. Next, businesses should develop a mobile app, website, survey, and feedback forms to drive new reviews. Next, they should monitor and respond to new reviews every day, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. Finally, reviewers should be directed to the business’s Google My Business page because it has the most impact on traffic. The best reviews should also be syndicated to the business’s website, social media sites, and YouTube for even more traffic.

Some of the benefits of following Matt’s surefire traffic strategy include getting more conversions from leads to customers, increasing average order value, boosting the ranking of the business in Google Maps for more leads, attracting more leads from everywhere where the reviews are posted, drowning out negative reviews with 5-star ones, and building trust in the business and its services.

To make his case, Matt G Tarrant quotes the results from two case studies that have demonstrated the power that reviews have to bring online exposure. First, he talks about Kline Home Exteriors, an Ohio-based roofing contractor that racked up over 200 reviews in 12 months by switching to the strategy of actively requesting reviews. Moreover, Kline home exteriors, which had just 4 reviews when it started, received 10 more reviews in just 2 days after implementing the strategy. The traffic due to a strong review count and high review scores allowed the company to scale from $2 M/year to $5 M/year in sales. Matt also quotes the results of a UC Berkeley study that showed that a 0.5-star increase in a restaurant’s rating led to a major increase in sales as the number of evenings that a restaurant was sold out increased from 30% to 49%.

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