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  • Sustainable shift. Embracing sustainable website design is crucial to reduce environmental impact and web bloat.
  • Culture change. The tech industry’s culture of waste must evolve to prioritize environmental sustainability.
  • Inclusive thinking. Designing for accessibility and performance can lead to more sustainable and effective web solutions.

Web design has


Science fiction becomes a reality! We can now interact and use things we were used to seeing in movies daily.

One of the recent revolutionary technologies is ChatGPT, which will change how we work A LOT!

As a programmer, I initially didn’t believe that it could solve advanced tasks, but


Victoria, Australia, Dec. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Star Digital Marketing, a boutique performance-based digital marketing company announces the launch of their award-winning website. From creating stunning websites to helping businesses increase their traffic and sales, this company has assisted small and medium-sized businesses and service providers with result-oriented digital