Grow Your Business in 2024 With These 6 Content Marketing Tools

Crafting creative and engaging content isn’t easy. That’s why content marketing tools are essential — but selecting the right tools can be challenging. 
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In the present digital era, content plays a pivotal role in communicating a brand’s message and convincing customers to take the desired action. For that reason, content marketing is gaining immense popularity among businesses.

However, crafting and managing creative and engaging content is not so simple. That’s why content marketing tools are essential. There is a wide range of content marketing tools available, but selecting the right one can be a little confusing. 

To make your task easy, we have come up with a complete list of the prominent content marketing tools for startups. Let’s dive in!

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Why you need content marketing tools

Content marketing is all about creating and sharing relevant content to engage, attract and retain your target audience. 

Content marketing is nearly 62 percent less expensive in comparison to other marketing forms. However, it generates three times more leads. For this reason, if you are a startup, content marketing is even more essential. 

Still, thinking about why it matters for your business? The answer is clear: Effective content forms the foundation of organic search and can easily drive more traffic to your website.

Great content will not only provide positive experiences to your customers but will also compel them to come back to your business over and over. Moreover, it will help you win the trust and loyalty of customers and enhance your brand reputation. Finally, generating more leads and growing your revenues become simple and easy.

Content marketing tools will help you in content ideation, generation, optimization and promotion. As a result, these tools enable you to save a great deal of time and focus on other tasks. They can effectively double your efficiency and amplify the voice of your brand. 

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Top Content Marketing Tools Every Startup Must Leverage

Wondering which content marketing tool to use for your startup? Check out this comprehensive list. 

1. SEMrush

When it comes to the best content marketing tools for startups, you cannot overlook SEMrush. It allows you to identify the latest trends in your industry and craft engaging content accordingly. 

Moreover, you can also use this tool to optimize your content for SEO and rank higher on the search engine result pages, by finding the right keywords for your content.

2. WordPress

Want to establish a strong online presence but coding isn’t your forte? Fear not, WordPress will help. It is a perfect tool for publishing editorial content, creating portfolios and blogging.

This tool comes with a lot of customizable templates and multiple plug-ins. So, building a new website and publishing content seems like a breeze. All you need to do is leverage the drag-and-drop functionality and get your online pages ready in just a few clicks.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot allows startups to access several content marketing tools in one place. It can provide you with several features that are free, like popup tools, a powerful form builder, an AI content writer, a campaign assistant, and more. You can leverage all these tools to scale your business seamlessly with ease.

HubSpot offers you the ability to determine what content is most effective across different channels. As a result, you will be in a better position to customize content for different customers.

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4. Planable

Planable’s Universal Content allows the marketing team of startups to create top-notch and appealing content of all forms. It provides you with access to visual content calendars, making content planning in real-time much easier.

Moreover, it facilitates better collaboration among the team members for content creation. Whether you want to plan, create or review blogs, newsletters or any other type of content, Planable is a great option.

5. Grammarly

In the competitive era, every tiny error in your content can lead to a negative impression of your brand. Therefore, proofreading and editing your pieces before publication is a must.

Don’t have the time to go through your content amidst your busy schedule? It is time to leverage Grammarly. This powerful tool serves as your writing wingman and helps polish your content to perfection. By pinpointing grammatical errors and providing real-time suggestions, Grammarly helps improve the quality of your content. 

6. ContentStudio

ContentStudio is a unified platform that allows you to schedule, create and organize content for all social media platforms. With this tool, you can easily connect with your target audience and engage your followers.

Whether you want to publish blogs or video content, ContentStudio can get the job done. Moreover, monitoring social media analytics is a breeze with ContentStudio.

The bottom line

Content marketing tools have become essential to connect and grab the attention of your target audience. Now that you have an idea of the prominent tools, it is time to use them to grow your brand. Depending on your unique requirements, you can select the best content marketing tool and reach out to potential customers better.


Jigar Agrawal is Digital Marketing Manager at eSparkBiz. He is passionate about anything related to Digital Marketing. Wants to unlock the world of technology and Social Media where every day there is a chance of new possibility as well as innovation.

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