Slime Rancher 2: How Does Slime Science Work

Learn the Science that discusses Slime in Slime Rancher 2.

Beatrix used to chase after those thicc jello monsters for a long time. After catching one or two, she then feeds them and ranches the Plort out of them. These Plorts are the reason she finds the motivation to survive in a land far, far away. Now, what she didn’t know was that these Plorts have other uses other than just selling them off in the Plort Market. What could it be?

Slime Science is the Science of Slimes. See? Pretty straightforward. Now what the Science is about is our main topic today. To uncover the deepest secrets, the unreal mysteries of Rainbow Island, you need to know the Science behind those Slimes. Come on, this is not even Rocket Science, is it? Without further ado, scroll a bit more to get into the depth.

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What is Slime Science in Slime Rancher 2?

Slime Science is basically a research methodology. Say you have enough cash in your hand (I presume that happens hardly). Or, say, the Plort Market seems a bit downrated for the day. What you want to do is you would want to invest those unused, unsold Plorts to invest in the research of Slime Science.

This has a major part in the whole plot. You put in your time and effort, and you get some cool gadgets in return. Moreover, you can also craft some special items that can ease your in-game experience.

To start with this way of Science, you need to access the materials. Let’s discuss that.

The Refinery

Refinery is the place where your materials are broken down to rebuild into a new item. And these new items will be the fruits of your Slime Science project.

So, gather your resources, and put them into the Refinery. And then, prepare your materials for the next step. However, note that the items you are about to put in the Refinery cannot be taken back. Means, once you put for good, you put for real. There is no coming back. However, the Refinery can store up to 999 items at once.

The Blueprint

What do we need to make the Ratatouille Special? We need the ingredients and, the most important thing, the recipe. Your refined items have no value without a proper Blueprint. According to Chef Ramsey, there is no value to a dish unless the Lamb Sauce is in.

You can get the Blueprints from the Builder’s Shop or any random Treasure Pods. Well, for the Treasure Pods, you do have to travel to the Far Far Range. Or, just expend some NewBucks at the Builder’s Shop to save time.

The Fabricator

Now, this is the fun part. You now have the refined items and the cookbook. All you need to do is, transfer all your refined items to give birth to the gadgets of the Slime Science project. Easy as that.

Now, you can build as many gadgets as you want, even if it’s the same gadget countless times. However, there is a special condition for some special gadgets. You are allowed to craft only 1 piece of them. Even the Grand line follow this rule.

However, all these gadgets fall under 5 categories:

  • Extractors: Used to build other gadgets. Exp: Drills, Pumps, Apiaries, etc.
  • Utilities: Used to manage Ranch and to explore the Far Far Range.
  • Warp Tech: Used to harness the power of instantaneous travel, like teleporting, and to create shortcuts.
  • Decoration: Used to decorate your environment with various objects.
  • Curios: These are the jargons of gadgets. Build toys for your Slimes and other gimmicky objects.

Gadget Mode in Slime Rancher 2

Now that you have crafted a gadget, you need to put that in your pocket. All you have to do is Press the T or D-pad of your console to enter into Gadget Mode. There will be several sites to equip your crafted gadgets. Go to a site and press E. That will open up the option to choose your crafted gadgets. Choose and put them on the site. There you go. You are now ready to face the Slimes with the new Saiyan form.

That is all you need to know about Slime Science in Slime Rancher 2. Cheers!

As you are already into Slime Rancher 2, I would presume you might want to know how to get radiant ore, whether Slime Rancher 2 is available on Game Pass, or can you even play it as multiplayer, and more answers to your curiosity. Hop in!

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