Many people consider Chromebooks to be the sleeker, quicker, and even simpler cousin of the traditional laptop. Unlike a Mac or Windows system, a Chromebook mostly relies heavily on the internet for everyday tasks. Since they’re also typically less expensive, you might be wondering how a Chromebook compares to a […]

With recent historical events and shifting social consciousness, our lives have increasingly become focused on the digital realm. This means products must now offer a fully digital lifestyle experience for existing users and help new or doubtful users integrate their activity into smart digital living. Huawei has come to the […]

What is BIOS? BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System and was developed by Gary Kildall, a computer scientist who is renowned for creating the CP/M programming language. It was in the CP/M version 1.1 for Lawrence Livermore Laboratories when the first mention of BIOS was seen. A BIOS provides […]