Max Cyrek – CEO of Cyrek Digital SEO expert, web designer, and digital marketing consultant with over 10 years experience. getty Leads are what propel internet marketing. Since most sales these days take place on the internet, it makes sense that today’s huckstering must also be done online. A lead […]

Sales always has a voice. Revenues have to grow, and anything else is a failure. But now, many companies have a near-death experience because the sales landscape has radically changed. Years ago, a salesperson had a valuable Rolodex. The salesperson nurtured the relationships it represented with calls, visits and likely […]

A digital commerce expert and the co-founder at Kinex Media Inc, a creative digital agency in Toronto. getty Websites are undoubtedly the new storefronts. Today, people rely largely on digital platforms to do online shopping, and this trend has given a great boost to the e-commerce industry. Merchants and business […]