Vishal Singh and Get to Know About his Inspiring Journey

Vishal Singh, a self-made entrepreneur specializing in digital marketing, also in the process of making dreams come true like those millions, churning into the ocean of internet with over an experience of 10+ years.  

This exciting journey began in early 2010 when Vishal was merely a kid, he has been an Internet bug since the time of dial-up connections when he started looking closely into the web world out of sheer inquisitiveness, trying to get his hands dirty to know how things work on the internet. As he started to discover the infinite possibilities that the internet has to offer, the idea of entrepreneurship was born inside him. Vishal then self-funded his venture without knocking on the doors of angel investors.  

Mr. Singh has a super-rich portfolio that undeniably deserves your glance: 

Recently entered the WEB 3.0 saga with responsibilities of initiating marketing growth for numerous Crypto/Blockchain projects and NFT projects, helping them with his innovative SEO and SMM strategies on big social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Discord, Reddit, and others.  

Using his internet marketing expertise, Vishal was able to complete projects with market caps ranging from 100,000$ to a staggering 9-figure multi-million-dollar market cap (ie – 100,000,000$) in the blockchain marketing sector. He clocked a whopping 8-figure in profits by looking after market cap, holder’s growth, and other tech facets of Crypto/Blockchain with his digital marketing skills.  

Vishal has worked with Various Tech Start-ups and Brands from Dubai, US, and India as a Digital Marketing Expert. He Managed over 100m+ Social Media Base on Instagram and Facebook that includes social media Pages of A-Lister Hollywood Celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Charlie Sheen, J Holiday, Akon, Justin Bieber, and Many more! The Algorithm that he designs, and strategies that he applies help them expand their audience, reach, and engagement.  

Making his command even stronger in the Influencer Marketing Sector, Vishal own Facebook pages which have a weekly reach of 20million+ that easily goes viral with his Algorithmic strategies, which sends a huge amount of real-time traffic. 

In the recent Interview by Outlook. He was asked, what excites you to become an entrepreneur, and how you managed to learn so much at this young age? 

“I used to do experiments on the Internet since my school days and was very curious to know everything happening on the internet, I spent days and nights thinking on the logic behind different things, figuring out how actually we can monetize our content in a different way. From there I got an eagerness to become an entrepreneur. 

I’m bootstrapped and do everything on my own without angel investors or any of that fancy lending stuff. I was never spoon-fed, learned everything from the Internet, I barely get time to sleep at night, and I have no problem with that. It excites me even more being one of the foundation builders for Digital Marketing before it became mainstream though I agree education is utmost important, but doing what your passion is, gets you to the ultimate checkpoint. I am thankful to my family for supporting me always in my work and motivating me in my bad times, Said Mr. Singh” 

In addition, Vishal also has two more feathers to his portfolio –  

Affiliate Marketing – This one he has been doing for many years. He worked with Big Affiliate Networks as an Affiliate Manager where he leads a team of affiliates, helping them with the best Affiliate offers according to their traffic and interested Geos from different sectors like health, loan, gaming, and medical which generated large traffic for the affiliates to optimize ROI. 

Drop-Shipping – This also led to substantial gains for Vishal as he enjoyed the process of Drop-shipping products from China to the US using fast couriers via his E-Commerce Ventures. He has some smart Ad running skills, where he can make people buy things at the time when they need it. 

As per Vishal, one must always work hard and follow their passion, it will ultimately lead to success one day. He also added, when you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let it go. 

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