Digital Marketing for Business: Where to go without it and Where to get Professionals

Just 10 years ago, business was developing under different rules, and marketing was dominated by advertising in the media – newspapers, TV, radio, etc.


But with the advent of contextual advertising on the Internet the situation began to change in the direction of digital technologies to promote businesses, brands and products. There were platforms that were able to quickly and effectively convey the necessary information to a particular interested group of buyers and recipients of services. All this became possible thanks to search engines, and most importantly – thanks to the analysis of statistics, user behavior on the Internet, instantly identifying their preferences, etc. The way out of this situation is marketing for tech companies by NinjaPromo. Such advertising has become more effective in promoting business and has gained enormous popularity. Today, every entrepreneur from small business to large enterprise is aware of the need to use digital marketing for business success.

Weak marketers are a risk to business

Good internet marketers are people who have studied marketing. If an Internet marketer has no educational background, doesn’t know what branding is, doesn’t know how to properly calculate customer costs and customer value, it will be difficult for him or her to run effective online marketing campaigns. This is the foundation, the foundation, without which it is impossible to truly benefit the business, the client. The problem, by and large, is the glut of numerous courses that focus on practical lessons and do not give a deep knowledge of the theory, as well as self-education, which many novice professionals “get” from video tutorials. It is impossible to learn the basics in one course, which is taught for 4-5 years in the university.

In fact, an Internet marketer is a highly skilled professional

He is able to promote a brand, a brand, a business, an enterprise. He is responsible not only for attracting traffic to the company website from various sources and its conversion into leads, applications, orders, purchases, but also manages the overall position of the brand on the Internet. Ideally, he is responsible for everything – for promotion, for economics, for product development, as well as scaling the Internet direction. The Internet marketer should have an excellent understanding not only of contextual advertising, but also of SMM, targeting advertising, SEO-promotion in search engines, copywriting and even web-design and programming. Such a comprehensive promotion allows the most effective solution to the business problems of the company. Therefore, such a marketer who knows all these technologies professionally, is the most in demand. But even this is not enough to successfully promote a particular business on the Internet.

Freelancing – a risky alternative

Another big risk for business – freelancers in the field of internet marketing. First, there are many unqualified specialists among them who set up internet advertising superficially from their inexperience, and secondly, they are not interested in showing the customer through analytics to hide their own mistakes and ineffectiveness of advertising campaigns.

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